Welcome to The Blue Isles

The Story so Far

Our Heroes started innocently enough. The local mercenary captain who was hired to put down the growing lizard man threat employed the Heroes to clean out a kobold infestation in a local tavern. What was originally thought to be a simple task quickly became a part of something larger. The kobolds had come from a secret passage way in the cellar of the tavern which led to an underground ancient temple dedicated to Tiamut. After besting the kobold warriors, and solving a puzzle, the heroes acquired a blue crystal which seemed to have been sought by the kobolds.

The purpose and origin of the crystal remained unclear. However upon returning topside and collecting their payment, the heroes were informed that a member of the town had been kidnapped. The sage was being held in Skull rock, with a ransom of the crystal. The heroes trekked there, and bested the kobold captors freeing the sage. The sage knew little about the power of the crystal, but knew that there were more of them on the island. He informed the heroes that they must collect them before the kobolds did and used them for their own nefarious purposes. One crystal was being held by Goblins to the north and it was there that the heroes moved next. Inside the goblin warrens the heroes worked their way in to see the leaders of the tribe by posing as diplomats for the kobolds. There, the warlord was bested in single combat and an audience with the king was permitted.

Zyzzix the Goblin King was a master alchemist, and his royal wing was gaurded by all manner of alchemical monstrosities. It is often said that the line between genius and insanity is a thin one, and Zyzzix had almost certainly toed it. Diplomatic matters came to a screaming halt when the king was notified that the kobolds were attacking the warrens. The heroes cover had been blown and they were forced to steal the King’s crystal and retreat. Luckily they were able to outpace the bloated henchmen and cover their escape.

The next night, they were visited by a strange man who had a lizardman slave in tow. He communicated that he was sent by the Mercenary Captain to protect the crystals. The heroes rightly refused his help, and the man attacked. He was cut down after an intense battle with ambushing kobolds.

After returning to the town, the Mercenary Captain sent the heroes to the Kobold city. All present began to suspect that the lizardman attacks were somehow linked to the kobold activities. The crystals that the kobolds already had needed to be stolen from them. The Heroes took a gift from the Captain called a “Hearthstone” which invigorates the mind and the body as though one had awoken from a full nights sleep.

Our beloved protagonists entered the Kobold hideout via the beast access, a secret door used to move in the warbeasts that the kobolds tame. They slew the gaurds, and then entered a room which held a crystal….and a young blue dragon. After a harrowing battle, and nearly losing their lives, the heroes slew the dragon. Much to their chagrin, the crystal was stuck in a pedestal by some sort of locking mechanism. The pedastal had a hole in it about the size of a lemon and at belly level.

What to do next?

The Blue Isles

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