The Blue Isles

Act One Epilogue

Somewhere on the shores near Barabay:

“Anytime now Wilson. Anytime now.” Zyzzix leaned back in his chair, and sipped his drink. A barely audible grunt issued from the mound of flesh which passed for Zyzzix’s faithful assistant. Zyzzix’s malicious eyes scanned the eastern blue island intensely excited.

In the Temple of Tiamut :

The Albino Lizardman closed his eyes in defeat. The Travelers of Barabay exited the room as the huntsman Salvatore dropped a shard of Tiamut’s Tears into the summoning console. A bright pluse shot under the obsidian floor up into the summoning panel. It fell on top of 3 previous crystals. The electrodes sparked to life. The hum in the room became as a swarm of locusts. Electricity arced down the shaft of the summoning panel directed to an unseen quarter below the room. The travelers faces were lit by flashes of blue exposing the grime and blood of battle, which soon twisted into consternation. The heartbeat that was not so much heard, but felt in the lower levels of the temple began to beat faster until organs felt as though they would disconnect from bodies.

The City of Dalmende :

Life went on normally in Dalmende. A fishmonger named Alika smiled as he sold the last of his catch. He would provide well for his family of four this day. He would have enough money to buy the wooden giraffe for his daughter, Palani, that she so much desired.

The northern most tip of the island, called Dragonhead Point by the locals, was the first part of the island to experience geographical torture. The land lifted straight up and out of the water. Soil and rock which had never seen the sun’s rays was jerked up for a glorious moment exposing something far more sinister below. Serpentine skin, lain dormant under centuries of sediment, become suddenly visible. Scales as big as Alika’s kinhold crafted by his great grandfather caught light and reflected it back, dull, primordial, and dead. The eyes of the Aspect of Tiamut opened, revealing an unfathomable intelligence. They took in the view of this moment, this dying moment. A sound issued from deep within the island, boiling and flowing north to Dragonhead Point. The Aspect’s death knell was heard for miles. The head of the godling crashed back into the water and began to sink while a whip crack shudder moved south. Like a mayfly, the being existed and then ceased to exist.

The sound reached them first. The villagers of Dalmende all snapped their heads north as the terrible sound rolled over them. The few survivors would always remember where they were and what they were doing at this point. The ones who didn’t survive remembered for the rest of their lives. Alika was walking home.

In the Temple of Tiamut:

The ceiling of the summoning room began to crack, first small veins appeared in the glass ceiling, then larger until an apocalyptic crash sounded. The Travelers of Barabay tried to escape the temple. The rooms began to shake apart, obsidian cracked and shattered. Water filled the room like a sinking ship. The Travelers looked at each other and gulped air before succumbing to the increasingly strong current.

On the water, forty feet up, Palani Dalmende fought for his life aboard the Dancing Damsel. His years at sea and powerful bloodline allowed him to stay afloat during the angriest seas he had ever seen. The color of the water changed from tropical blue to bone white as the island writhed and sank. The magnitude of what happened ten fathoms below the hull was not yet fully comprehended by Palani. Adrenaline fueled panic was the only thought in his mind at the moment. As the Aspect of Tiamut dropped deeper into the ocean, water ran in to fill the void. The Dancing Damsel became uncontrollable as it was pulled into a growing whirlpool.

Outside a Mercenary Barracks in Barabay :

Captain Kreely had bolted outside when he heard the Cry of the Aspect. His eyes gazed eastward as the other island disappeared from view. He knew those waters were filled with Sea Devils. The loss of life would be tremendous. “The Barabay Travelers must have failed. I had not expected the price to be so high. This is a sad day.”


Valandir Valandir

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