The Blue Isles

Act Two Prologue

Sputtering and gasping for breath, The Barabay Travelers burst through the waves. Flailing about in the perilous seas, they latch on to various flotsam. Seeing what was once the mast of the Dancing Damsel, Cleric of Melora Harriet Candy reached out to affix herself to what was once part of her beloved sailing vessel. Exhausted after swimming in armor, the mighty warrior Drion Curto claws his way to the same mast. The pair is soon joined by Chubbs, the halfling Rogue. Wave after wave crashes atop the stalwart adventurers. Expending every ounce of energy, the heroes grip to the exotic wood. Knuckles white, teeth gritting, fingernails bleeding. Drion lifts his hand and points to a form also gripping to some debris cresting a wave in the treacherous seas. It looks to be Darius the Paladin. He quickly drops out of sight. As the heroes search around for signs of other companions, the seas begin to boil and fins emerge from the black waters. Eyes wide, Drion and Harriet kick their feet to escape, but to no avail. Behind Harriet the ichthyic head of a Shaguin Seadevil rises, a hiss issuing from its toothed maw. The noise swiftly changes to a squeal as the glinting blade of Chubb’s dagger is seen jutting up through the underside of the beasts jaw. A cloud of fish blood seems to inspire fear as no more shaguin are seen. Others are not so lucky. In between swells of waves, glimpses of other beings are seen being devoured by the sea devils. Curto lashes himself and his allies to the mast in order to prevent tragedy. Consciousness fades away….

...Their eyes open slowly. Still drifting. The hot sun beats down, searing flesh. “Please, Melora, may your healing tide wash over us and guide us to safety” is muttered from the dwarven cleric. Consciousness again is lost…


Valandir Valandir

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