The Blue Isles

Escape from Zyzzix Laboratories Interlude

Cranial Implant Rearrangement Procedural Study, Day 18

Subject 23 seems to have made a full recovery from yesterdays procedures. Alchemical unguents extracted from shadeleaf have proven an effective method in both preserving brain function and stimulating reconnection of brain tissue at high rates. Subject 19 has regained the majority of her motor functions, but preliminary data suggests she still has residual memories of prior cranial implants. I suspect this will not reduce her value as a bargaining chip. The 100 series of subjects should arrive soon according to my calculations. They will be used to test the procedure for inter-species cranial rearrangements. Physical space inside the skull would seem to be the only limiting factor. Data suggests that a small case could be set into the skull to accommodate a brain too small for the host skull.

The Procedure has been recorded and successfully demonstrated to my understudy. His first procedure with Subject 47 has met with mixed results, but I suspect that with the addition of shadeleaf extract, his work would be a complete success. I would feel comfortable with him performing the procedure with out my interference.

Cranial Implant Rearrangement Procedural Study, Day 19

The 100 series of subjects were captured last night as they emerged from the Kobold lair. They were exchanged for subject 19. Subject 134 exhibits extreme aggressiveness in the presence of giantkin as suspected. Subject 136 almost certainly has a martyr complex of sorts, and was easily manipulated into willingly participating in the inter-species cranial rearrangement. Subjects 131, 132, 133, and 135 were not tested, however the inter-species cranial rearrangement was entirely successful with the patient recovering cognitive function in less than two hours. Data suggest that motor function had not entirely returned at this point in time, but this is most likely due to shortcomings on the part of the organ donor. Subject 134 was incited to anger at the sight of subject 136 post operation, outlining the utility of the procedure.

Other observations Re: Barabay Travelers- Subject 133 exhibits loose moral character and fealty to infernal powers. It is unknown if his companions tolerate him out of fear, indifference, or ignorance. Subject 131 she shows powerful faith. Could possibly reject a host body. Would like to test this theory at a later date.

My understudy has locked himself in my prison as I directed prior to series 100 subjects awaking. I expect them to escape within 48 hours, and fail safes have been put in place to prevent any great losses when this occurs. I have copied a note here which will be used as a bargaining chip. It will be stored under a snail shaped rock one hundred and eighty paces west of skull rock.

“Greetings Barabay Travelers.

You have bested me in combat. Zyzzix is a Goblin of his word, and as such I will impart some advice which is very helpful to you, but not I. Certainly a fair trade for my life.

The crystals which you have been collecting do indeed have a powerful purpose. The eastern isle of the Blue Islands is not only home to the stalwart peoples of Dalmende, but an ancient temple which is known in legend. It exists as a conduit to awaken an Aspect of Tiamut. Only four small crystal shards are required to activate this great blue dragon. The Lizard folk have been deprived of several crystals due to your efforts, but certainly enjoy enough to contribute the magical energy needed to charge Voltraz. It is not well known, but the awakening can be prevented by reversing the orientation of your crystals and connecting them thusly. The mechanism to do this is unknown.

The guardians of the temple will only hold the lizardfolk back for so long. If you intend on acting, you best do so with haste. -Zyzzix”


Valandir Valandir

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