The Blue Isles

The Kobold Threat Epilogue

The Kobold Threat, Epilogue

Barabay, Capital of The Blue Isles

“Captain Kreely, the Kobold attacks have ceased. Their outside camps are disorganized and unruly. What do you make of it?”

The Halfling Mercenary Captain looked up through his remaining eye. “When was this first noticed lad?”

“Just this morning sir.”

Kreely stroked his goatee, “So those lucky bastards must have succeeded. You see? This is why I am in charge instead of that nitwit Jenkins. Any sign of their return? What of the Lizardman raids to the south?”

“No sir, none of the outposts have lit signal fires. It’s three days back on foot though sir”

“I know how far it is” Kreely snapped.

Red faced, the recruit continued “The raids to the south have stopped but the lizardmen are not routing. Jenkins reports that they have begun to dig in.”

Kreely nodded. “That will be all recruit. Inform me if there are any signs of Officer Curto and his troop. Dismissed”

As the young human saluted and left the town hall which was temporarily a mercenary head quarters, Kreely lowered his head in deep thought. “The Lizardmen to the south outnumber Jenkins, are fighting on native soil, and probably have a more intelligent command. They are effectively fighting a rearguard…..which can only mean one thing….”

Zyzzix laboratories, undisclosed location

“Wilson! Hmmmm, Check the holding cells for our friends. See that there is no trickery involved” Zyzzix commanded.

The hulking, bloated, vaguely goblinoid form of Wilson waddled out of the room. Zyzzix turned his lazy eyed gaze upon the Drow seated before him. In surprisingly eloquent elvish, The Goblin Lord addressed them, “Respectable work. I trust you procured your payment already hmmm?”

The Drow responded “Yes Goblin. Your research was a boon. My warriors dispatched them with ease. Their weariness from the kobolds was evident. The Spider Queen will hear of your cognitive prowess. What plan do you have for them? Are not the subjects already interred here enough for your studies?”

Zyzzix bared a toothy grin. “Oh, they are plenty enough. This group is….special, hmmm? My procedures have been perfected. The effects have not yet been characterized.”

“Will you release our prisoner now then?” Hope rose in the Dark elf’s voice.

“Ahhhh yess, She may be….a bit…..different these days. They say you are never the same after a traumatizing experience” Zyzzix’s smiled widened.

“You disgusting whelp! The court of the Spider Queen will not stand for this!” the Drow’s voice raised as weapons were drawn.

“ah ah ahhhh, don’t do anything foolish hmmm” Zyzzix’s hand darted to a rusted lever by his head. The Drow Arachnomancer quickly weighed his options. Zyzzix was a genius. Mad, almost certainly, but a genius none-the-less. There was no doubt in his mind that a flick of the lever would spell gruesome death for all the beings collected in the airtight room.


Valandir Valandir

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