Drion Curto

Drion Curto is a warrior of honor, haunted by his days in the military


Drion Curto is a newcomer to the Blue Isles, having lived the first 32 years of his life on the mainland to the west. He was raised in a middle class merchant family, but left his successful family business to join the military. Drion was motivated by a desire to prove his worth and to serve his country.

The greatest threat at the time were the maurading giantkin from the north.  Drions platoon was deployed to the border, 3 days before the infamous "red invasion".  Drion survived his first battles through more luck than skill, but quickly gained promotions.  Casualties were heavy and his natural charisma made him a natural choice for a platoon commander.
It was during the third year of the war that Drion's platoon ran out of luck.  They were encamped on the western edge of the army, unwittingly in the path of a nighttime ambush by a particularly daring giant chieftain.  Drion was reporting to his superiors in the center of the camp when the attack came.  Hearing the rising din of battle Drion realized it must be his men under attack, and rushed back to his camp.  Past burning tents and staggering wounded he ran, a feeling of dread and horror growing with every step.  He found the fighting soon enough and threw himself into the melee like a man possessed.  At the forefront of the counterattack he got close enough to his camp to see his men surrounded by the enemy and terribly outnumbered.  As he watched, unable to reach them, they were overcome and eaten alive one by one, screaming for help.
The loss of his platoon devastated Drion.  He was awarded the royal medal of bravery for his actions during the battle, but to him, the medal was just a reminder of his guilt and failure.  He resigned his commission in the army and bounced from bar to bar trying to escape his grief.  Everywhere he went the only talk was of the war.  He couldn't escape his memories as long as he stayed in his homeland, so he boarded a boat for the blue isles to put as many miles between him and his past as possible.

Drion Curto

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